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MPL60036 - LED panel light 595 x 595 x 12mm 36w
  • MPL60036 - LED panel light 595 x 595 x 12mm 36w

MPL60036 - LED panel light 595 x 595 x 12mm 36w

Product Code: MPL60036

LED Panel Lights have high luminous efficiency and low power consumption also coupled with constant current driver systems gives
protection from unstable voltages. With a life span of more than 40,000 hrs, panel lights produce no thermal radiation or UV rays.
In addition the high frequency flicker from LED panel lights is eliminated, compared to traditional tube lighting systems.

Product features
1. 4 sides edge-lit, for better heat dissipation and light
2. PMMA light-emittng panel for exelent uniformity and
purity of greater than 90%
3. Fixed Bin code, same CCT color for every order no visible
variation in light colour between multiple batch orders
4. Lower decay of 3000 hours, lumen matainance is 98.7%
5. Triac dimming Flicker free driver.
6. Edge-folded Backsheet no light leak from back side
stronger structure with less srews

NB: other colour temperatures are also available on request
Also available in plaster recess, surface mount, wire suspension and
T-Bar ceiling mount
Standard panel is non dimmable (dimmable panel available on request)
Dali and 1-10V dimming options also available

SURFACE MOUNTING PANEL FRAMES - Panel frames are available for 300x300, 600x600, 1200x300, 1200x600 panels

Download Premium Panel Light pdf

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