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P12220 - LED Power Supply 12V 220W

P12220 - LED Power Supply 12V 220W

Product Code: P12220

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  • Enclosed case, water resistant.
  • Overload Protection, Constant Current Limiting, Reset: Auto Recovery.
  • Short-Circuit Proof, 100% Full Load Burn-in Test.
  • Built-in EMI Filter, Low Ripple Noise.
  • Plug is available for Australia, North America, Europe etc.
  • Simple primary hook-ups, Class 2 outputs.
  • No minimum load, no load balancing and no dip switches.
  • Proven reliability, rugged housings.
  • Limited warranty of up to 3 years


Part number: P12220
Input Voltage:100V AC-240V
Output Voltage: AC 12V
Output Current: DC 18.3A
Operating Temperature: 10°C—60°C

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