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Maximize Lamp Efficiency

Using LED's to maximize lamp efficiency

A typical solid state Exterior Wide Area Lighting system consists of LED’s, secondary optics, heatsinks and a power supply. System efficiency is the ability to capture as much light as possible produced by the LED, and project it onto the intended target. Large omni directional light sources allow light to escape the reflector. This results in light that misses the desired area of luminance. LED’s are small directed light sources which can be coupled very efficiently with a Secondary optic.

Increased durability with robust solid state lighting Reduced maintenance / service costs, Higher reliability / instant on Reduced glare, Even luminance across target area, Requires less source lumens than conventional bulbs Reduced light pollution / environmentally friendly, Increased system efficiency, Retrofits and endless design possibilities Improved safety and security with distinguishable colours, LED’s have now enabled never before possible applications which traditionally used HID and halogen bulbs.

LED applications include roadway, pathway, warehouse security, parking lot (indoor and outdoor), landmarks, architectural and canopy lights to list a few.


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