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IPART Incentive Scheme

Energy Savings Scheme Benefits :

  • We are a South Australian LED lighting company established for over 8 Years
  • Reduce your power cost by up to 80 %
  • Up to 100% subsidy to convert to energy efficient lighting
  • Reduce carbon emmisions
  • Discount when converting to energy efficient lighting
  • Full product warranty and service applies

Click here to visit LED ECO Lighting approved products on REES and IPART Schemes

Energy Savings Scheme overview

The Energy Savings Scheme reduces electricity consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organizations to invest in energy savings projects. Energy savings are achieved by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment.

The Energy Savings Scheme is governed by NSW legislation. It places a mandatory obligation on Liable Entities to obtain and surrender energy savings certificates, which represent energy savings. The development of the policy framework is the responsibility of the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services.\

For more info on NSW Energy Savings Scheme visit :


Financial incentives for saving energy

Businesses that save energy by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment such as lighting
can gain financial incentives by participating in the scheme.
* Simply put we are able to offer High quality products with a minimal investment by our customers,
with this in mind the power you save will pay for your investment in less than 3 months


LED Eco Lighting are a specialist LED lighting company working with accredited energy service providers.
We offer our clients high quality LED and energy efficient lighting products.
This level of quality, service and expertise is unique in this industry.
With subsidies of up to 100% our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of energy efficient lighting products.
Lowering power costs, this means higher profit for your business for many years to come.
We know how difficult it can be for businesses in these uncertain times so any savings you can make in your
business is a welcome relief.


  • *Power consumption based on 60 hours per week 52 weeks per year at 32 cents P/Kw
  • *Products shown above are only some of the products available from us we also have a wider range of products also available speak to your consultant for more information on what products would best suit your needs
  • *Payback periods may vary depending on usage power cost and replacement type
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