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Benefits of LED


So you’re starting to think about converting to LED lights? Great! LED lighting products are rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to other energy efficient lighting due to a few reasons, as stated below,
  • Long lamp life greater than 50,000 hours.
  • Low power consumption due to much higher lumen output per watt.
  • Much Lower heat generation than halogen, incandescent and discharge lamps, so you dont heat your room.
  • Low maintenance and lamp replacement.
  • Vibration resistant compared to halogen and incandescent
LED lights are great – the evidence speaks for itself. The lamp life for the standard LED light is much longer and greater than 50,000 hours. They don’t use much power, due to much high lumen per watt. They stay much cooler than halogen, incandescent and discharge lamps. And they are low maintenance – no more changing those darn bulbs so often! 
At LED ECO Lighting, we offer only the highest of quality LED lights, maintained by strict controls to Australian Standards. Our research and development allows us to continue to provide our Australian market with the latest technology and range, along with providing custom made fittings and lighting solutions to suit our customers. 
Our constant growth, extensive product knowledge, wide range of LED lights and products, after sales service and warranties ensures your LED ECO lighting experience is to your utmost satisfaction. To find out more about energy efficient lighting and the difference it can make in your home, contact LED ECO Lighting today! 
1. They have a high light output 
2. They have a low power consumption 
3. They have an extensive lifespan 
4. They are extremely resistant to vibration, and
5. They contain no harmful products

LED Lamp life is generally expressed in hours before it's light diminishes to 70% of it's original output. Incandescent lamps are rated at the average life before failure.



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