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Eco Friendly LED Lights

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LED Lights are eco-friendly! In today’s environment, is it vital we do everything in our power to be as green as we can. An easy, cost-effective way of ‘doing your part’ is switching to LED lighting. LED lights have an exceptionally long life, they save on energy, minimize electricity bills and most importantly, are eco-friendly. The reduction in carbon emissions into the environment through reduced replacement lamps, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance involved with replacements and less waste in rubbish depots make LED lighting a great thing! Not only are you saving money but also you are conserving the world’s precious natural resources – and that’s priceless!

So let’s get this straight. LED lights will reduce your power consumption, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the consumables such as light globes, fluorescent lamps, downlight globes and flood lights entering our land fill AND all the while saving you money? Well, yes!

LED (Light Emitting Diode) was originally used for indication lights in electronic products in the technology industry. However, today, it is used much more widely for general purpose illumination in the household, office, commercial and industrial lighting appliances. And we know why! A standard halogen downlight globe can expect to expel approximately 3,000 hours of light. Whereas an LED downlight of the same capacity will expel 50,000+ hours. What does this mean? Well back in the day where you would need to replace that one globe 15 times, today, one LED globe will do the same job. Think of the money you’d save – and that’s only on the globes themselves!

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