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 ECO1-Smart Accessories information
  •  ECO1-Smart Accessories information

ECO1-Smart Accessories information

Product Code: ECO1-Smart Information

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ECO1 - Smart Accessories Information

Control the colour temperature of the LED lighting with ease, choose from:
1) Warm White 3000K – Perfect for promoting relaxation whilst creating a friendly or intimate setting.
2) Neutral White 4000K – For a natural ambiance to compliment décor and enhance interior features.
3) Cool White 6000K – Be alert and increase productivity. I deal for a clean, fresh energising feeling.

Adjustable LED light intensity with a standard dimming range from 100% to 5% including night light mode which is 2% of the maximum brightness. Use in the home to dim the light intensity and change the colour temperature, creating beautiful moods and ambiance to suit your personal taste. Use in any commercial application including hotels, restaurants and offices to stimulate the senses and add style to the architectural surroundings.

ECO1 Smart life App has the ability to control your lighting system locally or from anywhere in the world via the gateway controller. Define and name rooms, create user specific spaces and scenes. Control lights individually, in groups or select from pre-set scenes such as Read, Party, Movie, Eat and Return Home Mode. Easy to use, simple to install and setup.

Provided below is general information related to the ECO1-Smart lighting Automation System

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