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July 2018

Lighting Council of Australia


Government turns off the lights on manufacturing industry
A new government proposal will turn off the lights on one of Australia’s few remaining viable
manufacturing industries, a peak body warns.
Lighting manufacture in Australia provides nearly 5,000 manufacturing jobs across the country, with
thousands of downstream jobs reliant on the survival of the industry.
“This is a sucker punch to an industry that should be the darling of government. We create
manufacturing jobs, reduce energy consumption for Australian households and businesses, and we
innovate and develop cutting edge products in Australia”, explains Roman Gowor, Lighting Council
Australia National Marketing and Environment Manager.

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June 2018

Lighting Council of Australia


Electrical safety regulations a mess says peak body
New regulations slated to start in coming weeks are inconsistently applied, leading to confusion in industry and higher costs for consumers,

the peak body for the lighting industry warns.Lighting Council Australia, which represents 100 of Australia’s leading lighting suppliers, says

that despite years of discussion between state governments, insufficient progress has been made on aligning rules between states.
“We have eight jurisdictions and four different approaches dealing with precisely the same issue”, explains Technical Manager David Crossley........

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May 2018

Lighting Council of Australia


Halogen lights set to disappear from retail shelves, says lighting industry peak body.
Halogen lights will disappear from Australian retail stores in the next 12-24 months as the world moves to LED lights,

Australia’s peak lighting industry body announced today.Lighting Council Australia has warmly welcomed the recent COAG

Energy Council Minister’s meeting, which endorsed a new regulatory approach for next-generation LED lighting in Australia..........

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21st June 2016

Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia
The Turnbull Government is saving Australian households and businesses energy, reducing greenhouse
gas emissions, and lowering energy bills by increasing building and appliance energy efficiency.
The Government will lower the threshold of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Programme
from 2,000 to 1,000 square meters, which will see an additional 1,000 commercial buildings now
disclose their energy efficiency when they sell or lease their property. This will help inform purchasers
and tenants of building energy costs, delivering more than $50 million in energy savings, and around 3.5
million tonnes of emission reductions over five years. This change will commence 1 July 2017.... Clicks on the link below to read the full documents.



Lighting Council - Media Release - Phase-out of lighting technologies good for environment good for community

22nd March 2016

LED Eco Lighting is a proud member of Australia’s Lighting Council- this company prides itself on innovative products and important information about Australian policies. The Lighting Council has created a way to give LED buyers the best options for lighting around the home or workplace. A Products and Suppliers guide gives a checklist of things to look for in LED lighting, and compatibility for the selected installation areas. This checklist includes valuable information on the best quality, safety and warranty on lighting products. This guide is specialised in the registration of Australia's Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme. This includes the important factors of light output, efficiency and energy consumption. Bryan Douglas, Lighting Council Australia's CEO, says “the guide has been published in response to market demand for independent information at a time of profound change in lighting technology and the lighting industry.” To read more:

The Guide is available from the ‘News section’ on Lighting Council Australia's website: To read more: Click here to see complete Media Release


12th February - 14th March 2016

LED Eco Lighting has decided to ‘Lock In’ their love for The Heart Foundation appeal in 2016. Adelaide’s weird and wonderful Garden of Unearthly Delights is the ultimate place at the Adelaide Fringe Festival to showcase lighting, love and laughter- in a partnered sponsorship by LED Eco Lighting on wonderful lettered displays- truly a little piece of ‘France’s Love Lock’ in Adelaide with a very heart felt cause.

LED Eco Lighting loves customers back, with a reduction of up to 80% off power bills in conjunction with: The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), saving South Australian businesses energy, by establishing audit targets to be met by electricity and gas retailers.

16th September 2015

FluroCycle Fact Sheet - The following document outlines the mercury content in the compact fluroescent lamps, linear fluroescent lamps, mercury vapur lamps, metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps. If you didnt already know these types of lamps are dangerous when broken as the mercury vapour is toxic. Click on the link to read further........."Mercury Content in Lamps"


15th September 2015

Minister of Environment, Greg Hunt Media Release in relation to " Shining a Light on fluro tube and lamp recycling" September 2014.

Click on the link to read further......... "Shining a Light on fluro tube and lamp recycling"


2nd September 2015

NECA - The National Electrical and Electronics Association have this to say about the interference of LED lighting and TV reception.

Why are we focusing on LEDs?
Some models of LED light globes cause interference to TV signals. This interference may consist of a sudden loss of signal or picture quality in a residence or neighbouring house.

In these cases, the ACMA needs to be able to quickly contact the supplier of the globes to notify them of the problem. People experiencing TV reception problems may also wish to contact the supplier to arrange an exchange or refund.

The consequences of supplying a device that does not comply with Australian law can be serious and may risk your business’s reputation.

Does your LED Light Comply?


To maintain our leading approach to what the Lighting market has to offer we were at the Lighting Fair to see all the latest lighting designs and technology from all over the world, here are some of the wonderous designs that the imagination can create!


27th - 30th October 2014


















The HIA Sunday Mail Home Show was a great success, we had lots of fun sharing our knowledge about our great LED Eco Lighting products.

17th - 19th October  2014





















Silicon based LED lighting enhances green energy

Leading Adelaide company, LED Eco Lighting are innovators in fitting a new form of lighting known as LED, which significantly reduces power consumption and greenhouse gases in the home and workplace.

Ivan Correani, Director of  LED Eco Lighting discusses how, “the technology of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has progressed extensively and is now being used for general purpose illumination in household, office, commercial and industrial lighting applications”. “To illustrate the comparison, a 50 watt halogen downlight projects the equivalent light output as a 9 watt LED downlight”, Mr Correani expresses.

Businesses and households fitted with LED lighting consume five times less power, resulting in huge savings in electrical costs. LED lighting has an exceptional long life, exceeding the use of halogen lighting by 47,000 hours. LED requires little maintenance and is an efficient light output into the environment, therefore reducing carbon emissions.

In requesting to fit LED lighting products  into businesses and homes, Australian’s can feel at ease knowing they are reducing our nations power consumption, minimising greenhouse gases and decreasing numerous consumables including, light, fluorescent, downlight and flood light globes from entering into land fill. 




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