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LED Lighting Products and Suppliers Guide

LED Eco Lighting is a proud member of Australia’s Lighting Council – this company prides itself on innovative products and important information about Australian policies.

The Lighting Council has created a way to give LED buyers the best options for lighting around the home or workplace.

A Products and Suppliers guide gives a checklist of things to look for in LED lighting, and compatibility for the selected installation areas. This checklist includes valuable information on the best quality, safety and warranty on lighting products.

This guide is specialised in the registration of Australia’s Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme. This includes the important factors of light output, efficiency and energy consumption.

Bryan Douglas, Lighting Council Australia’s CEO, says “the guide has been published in response to market demand for independent information at a time of profound change in lighting technology and the lighting industry.”

The Guide is available from the ‘News section’ on Lighting Council Australia’s website.

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