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Silicon-based LED lighting enhances green energy

Leading Adelaide company, LED Eco Lighting are innovators in fitting a new form of lighting known as LED, which significantly reduces power consumption and greenhouse gases in the home and workplace.

Ivan Correani, Director of  LED Eco Lighting discusses how, “the technology of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has progressed extensively and is now being used for general purpose illumination in household, office, commercial and industrial lighting applications”. “To illustrate the comparison, a 50 watt halogen downlight projects the equivalent light output as a 9 watt LED downlight”, Mr Correani expresses.

Businesses and households fitted with LED lighting consume five times less power, resulting in huge savings in electrical costs. LED lighting has an exceptional long life, exceeding the use of halogen lighting by 47,000 hours. LED requires little maintenance and is an efficient light output into the environment, therefore reducing carbon emissions.

In requesting to fit LED lighting products  into businesses and homes, Australian’s can feel at ease knowing they are reducing our nations power consumption, minimising greenhouse gases and decreasing numerous consumables including, light, fluorescent, downlight and flood light globes from entering into land fill. 

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