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SLR180 - Slimline Round LED recessed downlight 160mm

SLR180 - Slimline Round LED recessed downlight 160mm

Product Code: SLR180


Slimline LED Recessed light fittings are ideal for general lighting, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and lounge
rooms. They are also ideal in commercial lighting applications where there is limited space in the ceiling to
mount standard downlights. The slim design is available in round or square, which makes them a very stylish
option. The SLR CT downlight has a variable colour range adjustment from warm white to cool white depending
on the mood required in the room. This fitting is also dimmable to give even further flexibility in lighting controlled
by the G-Smart App or the hand held remote. The fitting is suitable for a range of home lighting or commercial


Input Voltage:240VAC/50/60Hz
Supplied with Flex and plug
Power: 10W
Size: 160mm
Beam angle: 120 degree
Colour temperature : CW, NW,WW
Lumen Output : 930lm (Cool white)
Life time: 40 -50 thousand hours +


Please specify light colour and finish colour when ordering

Download PDF for Slimline LED recessed downlight Fitting

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