Commercial & Home LED Lights

LED Downlights for Commercial and Home lighting

The great thing about LED lighting is it can be implemented anywhere – in the home or in the office! They are great for general room lighting, home lighting, shop lighting, and the list goes on.

The LED ECO lighting range is suitable for both home and commercial spaces and needs. From miniature LED down lights for under and inside kitchen cabinets, to stair and hallway lighting for bigger spaces, our range of lighting products caters for everybody’s needs. We have a beautiful range of LED lights for shop displays which are perfect for lighting jewellery, clothing, counters, cosmetics and hairdresser salons – let the lights work for you!

For the commercial and home use, we have several shades of white light, from cool to warm white, making them extremely versatile.

Need a little colour in your life? We stock a range of LED light controllers and dimmer controllers, which mean our lights can be used for special effect lighting! Our stock is full of every colour under the sun, so don’t be scared to try a few out. So leave it to LED ECO Lighting for all your effect and mood lighting needs!

All our lights are very economical to run, for both the home and commercial applications. Their extremely long lifespan, their low maintenance costs and low heat makes our lights the best of the best!

Whether you’re a single person living in a small unit, a family of 5 living in a large, tall-ceilinged terrace home, or simply an environmentally-minded business owner, LED ECO Lighting has the products to suit!

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