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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED sports light fittings with various size lenses enables the light beam to be focused as required to eliminate overspill and increase light intensity and focuses the light where the light is required.

The slimline design allows for easy installation. Coupled with a high quality “MEANWELL ” driver and “PHILLIPS” chip ensures the highest quality and long life.

FEATURES – IP65 rated for outdoor use – 5 year warranty – high quality driver and chip – Australian safety approved

Featuring GEN – X Series – 30% Higher lumen output
High Lumen per watt – The New Age in Lighting is here!

LED Eco Lighting are committed to providing you with the newest technologically advanced concepts available. We produce the most energy efficient, LED Flood Light on the market today.

Explore our quality flood lights and get your game on!

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