LED Down Lighting

Efficient LED Down Lighting for Everyone

Proper lighting boosts the appearance of your home’s walkways, garden, kitchen and living areas as well as offices, showrooms, and shops. The directionality of LED down lighting highlights the appearance and beauty of your home fixtures or your products being displayed in a showroom.

LED ECO Lighting offers a wide range of LED down lighting technologies that comes in all sizes and functions. We have been in the industry for eight years and continue to provide South Australia with the latest LED technologies for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We aim to bring sustainable, environment friendly, and economical lighting products to South Australia and the rest of the country by continuously developing our LED expertise and production.

Switch to LED today and give your home or office a makeover. You may call us at 08 8342 4900 or you may also visit our showroom at 260 Prospect Road, Prospect, SA.

Enhanced Spaces Through LED Down Lighting

LED ECO Lighting brings you various LED down lighting options for your residential or commercial use. The most compact and highly efficient are the miniature LED down lightAdelaide fittings that are ideal for lighting up confined spaces.

These small DC powered LEDs can be placed under benches, kitchen tops, stair treads, pathway, and other architectural applications for a very small amount of power requirement ranging from 1 watts to 24 watts.

The DDLB down light resembles halogen lamps but are up to five times less its power consumption. This AC powered light uses the latest LED chip technology and consumes only up to 10 watts and comes with a dimmable function.

The Grille COB down light is our commercial down light series that are ideal for shop lighting. They offer high light output with excellent light stability and color render. If you need a directional beam of light in multiple directions, LED down lighting is a great option.

Your Trusted LED Down Lighting Partner

If you want a supplier that cares for the environment, then choose LED ECO Lighting products for all your lighting needs. We are most known to provide only products with high light output, low power consumption, and extensive life span.

We streamline our entire process and strictly comply to Australian Standards. We bring you the latest technologies and advancements in the LED industry that are being brought to you only by experienced professionals. Our excellent products also come with custom fittings to make sure they blend well with the architecture.

While we are proud of our products’ long life-span, we still see to it that our customers feel safe upon purchasing our products by giving them extensive warranties and after sales services. So if you want an efficient lifestyle that adds great appeal to your homes and commercial spaces, call us today and discover our excellent LED down lighting solutions.

Make That Switch With LED Down Lighting

Need a lighting makeover? Call LED ECO Lighting at 08 8342 4900 for a wide range of LED down lighting solutions.

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